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In this Support Portal you will find all the required information and additional support to get your site up and running. Our knowledge base covers all of the most common questions about using and customization of the themes, starting from website basics and theme installation, to usage of various theme options, plugins and elements.

If you have a difficult issue, that isn’t covered by the knowledge base, please do not hesitate to create a ticket.

Tips on how to speed up the resolution of your issue

  1. Always look through the theme knowledge base first. Though it’s short and simple, most of the common requests are covered there
  2. Use a forum search as sometimes you can find your solution in other ticket. But before applying any modifications always create backups!
  3. If you are reporting a bug or asking a question related to some specific page, always provide related page’s URL. If you want to keep privacy of the website URL, mark your ticket as a private.
  4. Please always include the Theme Version Number and any Plugins that you are running.
  5. When question or bugreport is connected with admin area, please provide us web credentials with a private reply. You can create a separate user for us, which will be deleted later. We’ll need to know login URL, username and password.
  6. If your request is connected with some visible errors, a screenshot will help us a lot. For example, here’s a great tool for making screenshots.
  7. Always subscribe to your topic. That’s the best way to know about your issue status updates.

We want to form the right expectations, so please read the following as well:

Support Scope

  • Support covers installation of the theme, issues arising from using any of the theme features and of course bug fixes and feature updates.
  • We don’t help with installation of WordPress itself, non-standard theme modification and 3rd party plugins that were not part of the theme package.

Support Schedule

  • Forum response time can take up to 36 hours Monday-Friday.
  • Our moderators check all new messages from 8:00 to 17:00 only (GMT+0).
  • Support team doesn’t work on Saturday and Sunday.


We've created a system that includes 4 types of tickets:

1. Bug

Bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a theme that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. Please note: we do not provide support for 3-rd party plugins and custom modifications. Always make sure that the bug is replicated without 3-rd party plugins and on a parent (not child) theme.

2. Question

Usually, question is the perfect option for something that should be covered by knowledge base, but is missing for some reason.

3. Customization

UpSolution support scope doesn't cover custom modifications, so after you create this topic, there are two possible ways it can be resolved:

  • Some other Support Portal user will help you.
  • It's useful for lots of our customers and will receive many voices, so we will do this in our spare-time.

In both cases the resolution can take quite a significant amount of time, so if you need this to be done quick, maybe the better option will be to hire a separate developer at Envato Studio

4. Feature Request

UpSolution support scope doesn't cover Feature Requests. After you create this topic, it usually have to receive significant amount of votes to be implemented. Because of that the resolution can take quite a significant amount of time, so if you need this to be done quick, the better option will be to hire a separate developer at Envato Studio


Please note, that we can not provide the support until you specify your Item Purchase Code. Here’s how you can get it:


Every participant has two badges: the first one indicates the number of years in the community and the second — quantity of purchased licenses. By default you have the "1 license" badge, as you entered your first purchase code when registered at this forum.

We always want to express our gratitude to those Customers who are with us for a long time and use a lot of our items, and we offer priority support for those of you. In a near future you’ll be able to receive additional free products and automatical services (e.g. updates), using the connected licenses.

Problems with access?

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